One day Piglet the Pig had a question which he needed answering so he went around the farm asking his friends first he went to the geese.
“Where does Pork come from?” he asked. the geese shuffled their feathers and replied “We don’t know where Pork comes from” the Geese lied Piglet then went to the Barn to ask the Cows.
“Where does Pork come from?” he asked the cows awkwardly moved side to side and ate some grass before answering “My dear boy i don’t know where pork comes from”.

So our brave little Pig went to the stables so he could ask the horses “Where does Pork come from?” he demanded the horses nah ed and drew back on there back legs before answering ” I unfortunately don’t know where Pork comes from try the Farmers dog” The Horse suggested
So Piglet went in search for the farmers dog and when he found him he asked “Where does Pork come from?”
The Farmers Dog pawed the ground and cough uncertainly and answered “i Don’t Know?”

So Piglet the Pig wandered the farm in search for an answer when he stumbled upon a lone fox scavenging for food.
“Where does Pork come from?” Piglet yelled the fox turned his head looked our brave little pig up and down and slowly licked its lip.

” oh little pig.. Pork Comes from YOU!”