Wren’s are small fast birds that you can find in your own back garden, Their are over 10 million wren’s in the UK alone!. They have been localized to many towns (even maybe in your area) and are compact with quick reflexes and energy.

The Wren have a beautiful song that is loud and full it has a excellent speed and vibrant tones which can last for 5-6 seconds and can be heard a kilo-meter away!!!.

Did You Know?
When a Wren sings if you look closely then you can notice it shakes with effort because the high pitch and loud capacity.
Singing Wren
Fun Facts
The Wren is usually seen on the ground running in forest and garden floors at day you can spot many Wren’s in popular woods and forests and the tree’s come alive with the common wren and other species of bird they rarely fly and when they do they hop into the air in quick short gliding bursts and only in straight flapping lines.

They eat insects and spiders searching in cracks of wood, brick, and mud/grass, they rarely take food from a bird table they eat mainly from the ground and if they do take from high bird tables it’s either winter or their very hungry.
Wrens are one of the smallest bird and measure nine to ten centimeters long (9-10cm) and weigh eight to thirteen grams (8-13g)

Birdie Babys

Baby Wrens

Young Wrens are born naked pink and blind when they hatch they just have enough strength to lift their heads and open their little beaks to eat food that the mother supplies them with usually 5-7 egg are laid and not all survive about two don’t make it through hatching and die but mainly most survive (Sometimes all sometimes none) The Baby Wrens make their mothers busy when they hatch and they barely eat to feed the growing Baby’s one chick eats up to five hundred to six hundred meals a day (500-600 meals!!!)