The Giant Colossal Squid has the largest known eyes on the Planet earth, its eyes can come up to 27 centimeters there lenses are a s big as a Large Orange
They are rare and peaceful Creatures feeding on Crustaceans on the bottom of the ocean floor, they are the biggest of all the Squids and Many of these Squids die due to injuries from other animals such as the Sperm whale or Sharks which mistake it for food squids tentacles can grow back in a matter of 2 months. The Squid is a fast flexible sea creature that has a sharp beak under neath it long Tentacles, One Tentacle are the same size as a Average Human. It is thought to have enormous strength, with swiveling hooks mounted at its tentacle ends to snare prey. Further up the tentacles, fixed hooks with three razor points help it hold onto large prey as they are sliced into thumb-sized pieces for swallowing

The Squid can let loose a oil also known as ink to confuse approaching enemies or prey this black cloud hangs in the water distracting the prey or predator with it foul smelling liquid.
The Colossal Squid is mainly found through out Japan and China a few drifted into north Korea.

The Brain of the Squid is the largest in the on the Planet, its Brain weighs twice as much as a Humans Not a lot is known about this Creature due to sudden disappearance of the china Seas but when some are found dead and and washed up onto shore China American and English scientists are the ones that direct these large Grey ” Beasts”.
The Tentacles are mainly Muscle used for tr aping it pry and swimming fast. The Skull is Three times bigger than a Humans and Weighs without its brain as much as a Average humans.

The Stories.
The Stories of lost boats by a large Squid Known as a Kraken actually Exist but The English call it the Colossal Squid.
A Giant Squid was found in a large block of ice by fisher men and they sold it to the government for $100,000.