Silver Fish feed on Glue, Hair,Dandruff and Paper and in Very Rare cases Leather.

They are sometimes found in the nests of Ants working with there colliney even though they look disgusting there backs are covered in a thin skin that shins as Scales.

Most people kill these insect seeing them as pest to the common house, because they damige Books and Leather ware. But these critters have done us all a very important job, These Beasts as some would call it also feed on Molds.

They have several preditors Birds, Centipiedes, Earwigs and some times Spiders.

Did You Know?

Silverfish do not mate togther
when spring comes around the
Male lays a gloopy liquid called spermatophore,
which is a sperm cell covered in gossamer,
the female takes up the spermatophore for fertilization,
which will then result in a fertilized egg. The young are white in color.