Comment on Share a Sad Animal’s Story. by Ema.

Once when I was 2 years I had a dog with my mum and dad.
(Who died of a fishing line that got caught in a powerline)
He was a PitBull terrier black (so cut not vicious) and he never did anything
bad to ANYONE in the whole town. One morning, my mum was feding him then he jumped on her and accidentally scratched her on the arm.She thought he did it on purpose so she did something bad to him. (I don’t know what). When I
Turned 4 We got a new PitBull terrier brown (a bit cuter I’d die for him again)
Then a few months later my mum got scared cause he was barking so she kicked him out of the house and yard. When I woke up I burst into tears and now
(2012) I’m still really sad and he could be Safe,Dead :( or lost.
This is true. :(
They will be missed.
And no matter what happenes, I will always love both of them.