Comment on Share a Sad Animal’s Story. by Animal lover.

I dont have a name i am known as the puppy in cage 43, i dont have a family or a home i have a cage with wiring bottom that cuts my feet when i walk. I wine when i cant gey milk form my mother and when i cant get up because the wires sink into my skin. My sister barely moeves and when she does its in pain, she never moved from that corner till the day she died my mother and i mourned for her until the man came took her away and threw her in to a tall metal bin filled with lumps of fur. No symathy no sadness they just dumped her body and walked away. When i woke up the next morning i yowled in pain as my stomach rumbled and my cuts and wounds stung from the metal, normally my mother would lick my head and dooth me in my pain but she just lay there still and cold, i was just waiting until the man came and dumped her. I managed to put my muzle into her fur but there was nothing left noting left of her and when the man came and took her away i watched until they dumped her with the rest, now im alone and left to die in this metal cage. In the next week i layed and died from infection and disease known as nothing but the puppy in cage 43.