Comment on Share a Sad Animal’s Story. by Tori.

Where do I begin? Well my mom and dad found a baby chicken on the side of the road and they took him, we named him Peeps and for the first 3 days he was happy and loud then he began to get weaker, finally 5 days later he died in my hands… Then my Dog Casey was old so we had to out her to sleep only her twin sister Chersh was there to help us through her loss untill I let her out one night I wasnt thinking I was so stupid I blame my self for her death but that was the night Chersh died she was hit by a car and all because of me!Then the saddest one of all :( MY! dog Kodi and I were out hiking on the trails again I was stupid and didnt think it was getting late and the bears were starting to come out, I was lost how ever Kodi was my only hope untill a bear found us and chased us away now we were even more lost and it was dark and cold, I huddled up with Kodi for warmth (he was a pitbull btw) When night found us we both shiverd together but thats when I then relized where we were…on a cliffs edge I stood slowly in a panic the rocks cracked under me i picked up Kodi and began to climb up to the top but I got stuck half way, I stood there for over 3 hours gripping tightly to Kodi finally I made my mind up… let go of the dog or die… I loved Kodi more then anything and I would have gladly givin my life up for him to be safe but Kodi looked at me in a way of saying “Tori you have to let me go, save your self I’ll be fine..maybe someday we shall meet again.” So with tears streaming (like right now) I left the dog and climbed away. I was found 6 hours later and the people said they had my dog. over joyed they took me to see him but when I saw where he was my heart dropped Kodi had fallen off the edge getting to me now he lay in a bloody heap…dead thats why Kodi will for ever be my hero.