Comment on Ring-Tail Cat by jewelz.

Ring-Tail CatI once had one in my atic idk how it got there but it was so cute my sis was scared of it but i fed it untill some people came and took it to the zoo i named it sammy i wish we had kept it my dad said they are endangered and now i am doing a science project on it and i need to find what a ring tailed cat needs to find in a mate and a habitat idk what to put because I am still wondering why it decided to live in my attic but i found it ranges from mexico to california but i am wondering what do they like to do and what they want to find in a mate it is due tomorrow i didnt have time to do it befor today because we had another project in the same class so i was focusing on that so please help me but incase u ever find one dont be scared they wont hurt you and dont look at the pictures on the computer they are much cutier in real life. trust me i know