Comment on Ring-Tail Cat by Tamera.

Ring-Tail CatI have a ring tail I have had her since she was about 4 weeks old. Eyes not opened etc… She was knocked out of her nest by dogs and the hunters tried to put her back and mom would not take her. She will be 2 years old in May. She has a huge sunroom no furtinure except a table frig and some shelfs in it but we built network of ceiling walkways and platforms for rose she drinks water, fruit juice, eat high quality cat food and fruits berries and such. She actually hates meat. Weird but true. Rose was hand raised but other then me she will not let anyone hold her and will not come to anyone else. She has bitten to the bone just playing. I love her but would never advice them as pets. they are smart can open purses climb anything etc.. etc… But she is my baby and will always be with me. But she is never caged. Is Spayed and had vaccinations etc… she is healthy and happy. But I wish she would of been able to be released. to Be free but she is sooo afraid of the outside eventhough she has windows all around her room, and windows into the house so she can see me at night when she is awake. I am from California and that is where she came from.