Comment on Ring-Tail Cat by Pat DeVoe.

Ring-Tail CatTwo months ago I moved into a house that has been vacant for most of the year. Something was moving in the crawl spaces of the block walls near the ceiling. They make no sound just jumping around, leaving in a hurry between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. After four exterminator visits no one knows what it is. One thought possibly a ring-tail cat but the space between insulation and roof was not spacious enough. After cutting into the sheet rock in a closet near the highest points of pitch I was able to see that it was possible for them or it to travel the perimeter of the house due to the block wall area of at least six inches and above the vents for heating and cooling there was more than enough room. What ever they are, they are very social because they come to what ever area of the house your in. We thought bats too, but not now. Can you help me? I’ve put a safe trap in the crawl space but they aren’t buying it. Suggestions PLEASE!!!