The Kinkajou a mammal which is other known as The Honey Bear, Sugar Bear, or the Cat-Monkey it lives in the rain forest and is of the Family Procyonidae related to the Olingo, Ringtail, Cacomistle, Raccoon, and Coati. It is the only member of the of the Genus Potos.

Did You Know?

The Kinkajou is Native to Central America and South America , this Aboreal mammal is not particularly Rare thou it is in Seldom because of it is Nocturnal habits. Sometimes the Kinkajou is mistaken for a monkey or Ferrets.


The Kinkajou has gold fur which overlaps gray and the fur is woolly. The Kinkajou are similar to the Olingo with their Morphology and Habits, Although from genetic study it has been found that the Kinkajou is not closely related to any of the other extant Procyonids

Kinkajou Baby

An average adult Kinkajou is about 2-3kg (4-7lb)
They grow to the average length of 17-22 inches, Their tails about 16-22 inches in length in addition to the body. And suprisingly the Kinkajou is equipped with sharp teeth but and they only eat fruit they have an advantage with their Teeth and slender tongue making it easier to eat their Tongue also measures to 5 inches and is also used to obtain nectar from flowers allowing the Kinkajou to play the role of a Pollinato