The Huntman spider is only found in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and is the second largest of its species there first is Wood spider also in Australia.

Did You Know?
The Huntman spider
unlike other Arachnids
can only have eight eyes.

they have a leg-span of 250–300 mm and have a powerful toxin. Even though they are poisonous there not deadly to humans, there bites make purple swellings and make artreys go numb. This may last one to two days.

Huntsman spiders are scary looking.

Many Huntsman spiders are dull shades of brown or grey. Their legs are covered with fairly prominent spines, but the rest of their bodies appear smooth.

make a sound when they are given reason to believe that females of their species are nearby

Like all spiders they eat insecets and also eat small snakes!