A Gorilla is a large mammal about 165-175 cm in height and many humans mistake a Gorilla for being a large fierce brute even though if not challenged they are clam ,playfull and extremely curious acting more like Monkeys than Gorillas

Food: A Gorilla will eat a large amount of fruit, insect and leaves, they eat up to 300kg of food every day!


If you look a Gorilla
in the eye it will
think you are challenging
to a fight!

Sex: the male is much bigger than the female the male has a shorter temper than the female also the female doesn’t have a silver back like the male

Did you know?
A Gorilla has the
exact same
amount of hair as
a human, the only

Did you know?
a silverback Gorilla
will be the troop leader
of 5-30 Gorillas

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