Animals in distress can’t speak for themselves, which is why compassionate people around the world have founded organizations to ensure the safety and well-being of all living things. Here are just a few organizations that you can get involved with to help further this goal.

Wild Elephants

Wild Elephants

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)

AWI works to reduce the number of animals that wind up on the endangered species list. The organization is also dedicated to abolishing factory farms, improving conditions for research animals and protecting companion animals from violence.

Defenders of Wildlife

Endangered species in need of protection are the driving force behind the works of Defenders of Wildlife. They promote pro-wildlife legislation to save animals like black bears and Alaskan gray wolves, helping to ensure that these species remain for many generations to come.

Farm Sanctuary

This organization rescues and rehabilitates animals that have been exposed to the cruel conditions at factory farms. Animals live out their days at one of two sanctuary locations. Farm Sanctuary also works to educate the public about the conditions that modern farm animals face.

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

IFAW is involved in over 40 different campaigns designed to save marine and land animals, protect wildlife and increase public awareness of endangered species.

Maddie’s Fund

By helping shelters put life-saving programs in place and keep them going, Maddie’s Fund works to “create a no-kill nation” where all shelter animals have
an equal chance at life. They bring hope to the millions of cats and dogs across the United States that are waiting for “forever” homes.

Mercy for Animals

Animal Rights

Animal Rights

With a focus on the health and well-being of farmed animals, Mercy for Animals educates the public through literature, videos and outreach programs. Their goal is to promote cruelty-free food choices and bring an end to inhumane factory-farming practices.


An organization for people who love all animals, the goal of PAWS is to rescue and rehabilitate both wild and domestic animals and to place cats and dogs in loving homes. With both a shelter and a wildlife center, PAWS is well equipped to help animals in distress.

The Ocean Conservancy

By supporting healthy oceans, the Ocean Conservancy works to ensure a positive environment for all marine life. Advocacy, research and public education show people how they can help cut down on the impact of detrimental practices and keep the oceans viable for the creatures living there.

Wildlife Alliance

The illegal wildlife trade puts countless animals in peril. In addition to animal-rescue efforts, Wildlife Alliance works to teach struggling people in Cambodia other ways to support themselves. The ultimate goal is to combat and eliminate extinction of precious wildlife.

World Wildlife Federation (WWF)

A combination of conservation and legal activism makes up the core activities of the WWF. The organization focuses on different species and areas in need of help while working to get protective legislation passed.

Supporting these and other animal-welfare organizations helps to ensure a brighter future for companion animals and wild creatures all over the world.