Edible Crabs live up to 20 years, a adult Crab may weigh up to 3kg.
Mainly living in cracks and holes they catch and eat small fish and plankton, they are a weary as the water they live are full of Octopus and large fish such as the Seawolf.

Edible Crabs are nocturnal and hide in the darkest of cracks, in the day.

Did You Know?
Because of the
Crabs size it is the
slowest of all other
crabs and when sized by
a Predator may bury under
the sand.

Edible Crab

Edible crabs are heavily exploited commercially throughout their range. It is illegal to catch crabs of too small a size around the coast of Britain, a conservation measure brought in the 1870s. Crabs with a shell diameter of less than 100 mm should not be taken. In August 2006, an edible crab with three claws was found off the coast of Cornwall [5].