The common Vampire bat lives in caves across south America they carry the deadly virus called rabies their fur is a ash-brown colour and have white fur on their stomachs their babies have a tiny thumbs to cling on their mothers fur on her stomach Vampire bats can only last for 36 hours without drinking blood because the lack of a traditional stomach so they can’t store it the babies are about the size of a human adult thumb.

Vampire Bat

If not for the vampire bats diet then humans would pay less attention of these small bats if it wasn’t for there hunger for blood. They feed on large birds cattle and dear ad other mammals including humans. they don’t feed directly they let the blood flow and then lap it up with their tongue. The bat has a very specialized mouth it’s V shaped teeth are like scissors and they cut a slice of skin take some blood and while they wipe it up it’s saliva has a anti-coagulant stopping the wound from bleeding any longer the common Vampire Bat is the one of the few known Bats to be capable of walking jumping and hopping by folding it’s wings in a fashion that the Bat walks on its thumbs. Their are three species of Vampire bat the Common Vampire Bat, The White-Winged Bat, and The Hairy-Legged Bat and all are populated in South America, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina.