A Common Seal is found mainly in UK, Ireland and Greenland the temper is perfect as there blubber mainly protects them from the icy wind and cold water. Also there oval shaped bodies are ideal for hunting fish even though there are 400,000 to 500,000 of these Common Seals left they are illegal to hunt in the united kingdom


Height And Size:they may reach an adult length of 1.85 metres and a weight of 130 kilograms. Females are generally smaller than males.

Did You Know?:
Seals only live
up to 30-35

Food:Seals are known to prey primarily upon fish such as menhaden, anchovy, sea bass, herring, cod, whiting and flatfish, and occasionally upon shrimp and squid.

Birth:after a male as mated with a female it will take four to six weeks for the baby to be born when the baby is born the mother will feed it rich fatty milk so that the baby will grow rapidly to survive the baby will way 16 kilograms and double by the time they start to grow fur!


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