China new Animal Olympics

In china a crowd of pepole turned up to watch a kangroo fight a man dressed as a clown in has he put it a Animals olimpics,Animal rights campaigners say the Chinese have an appalling poor record for animal rights protection and have no laws to protect them.

In the fight, the Australian kangaroo appears to reel backwards after receiving a right hook from its garishly attired opponent.

There was also a sickning display as a elephant carrying the Olympic torch and various animals including zebras and mountain goats put through a series of events such as hurdles and races.

there were over 300 animals or “Athletes” in the large china arena Shanghai Wild Animal Park. several animals died such as two horses were forced to fight to the death.

As well as a black bear was percased percuriously on a tight rope and was fored to drive a motor veichle across a tight rope pulling a performer along with it.

But the ‘cruelty Olympics’ are being held just before the human Olympics take place in Beijing. The Captive Animals’ Protection Society is writing to the Chinese Ambassador in London to complain about the event.

“The abuse of the animals is clear. The bears, for example, will be very distressed at being forced to wear muzzles, chained and made to fight,” said Redmond.

Other events have included a sea lion high jump and a tug of war between an elephant and members of the audience.

i find dit appauling that humans can do such things to wild animals as if they are nothing more than circus preformers, it should not be encouraged or tolerated.

“if anyone wishes to share there veiws please comment.”