The small mammal can be found near rivers, streams, and small shelter-able grass and reed covered peaks, they are largely populated in private areas in the UK (Britain).
Water Voles (Water Rat) weigh up to 5 pounds And able to eat twice it’s own weight!!!, They are twenty to thirty centimeters high (20-30cm when stood) and are fifteen to twenty centimeters long (15-20cm) these scruffy little rodents eat grass, reeds, occasionally fruit, insects, Twigs, and in woods forests surprisingly, grass snakes, these rodents are related to their mammal cousins, Rats, Mice, Gerbil and Hamster and other Rodentia species (Rodent).
Water Vole

Did You Know
Water Vole’s make small burrows like their cousins the Beaver were they can hide from predators, near the river in their grassy shelter’s the Water Vole can eat and sleep.

They are quick and can’t get pricked by nettles and thorns because they are equipped with a thick layer of blubber, Which also fight against freeze.

They are excellent swimmers and can float perfectly (By the name Water Vole) and they can chew very well,

The Water Vole are prey to many animals that would like to make a meal out of the fuzzy little animal like a variety of birds like Kestrel, Owl, Falcon, Hawk, Mink, etc….. Water Vole