Owls are pale, long-winged, long-legged owls, 33–39 cm in length with an 80–95 cm wingspan. They have an effortless wavering flight as they quarter pastures or similar hunting grounds.

They hunt Rats, Mice, mainly all Rodents, Snakes and other birds.

Landing Barn Owl

Did You Know?
they regurgitate fur and bones has the owls stomachs acids cannot stand the bones.

Staring Barn Owl

Barn owls are found all through out the uk and are one of the silentest predators, no matter the weather snow, rain, or clear Sky’s Owls fly with perfect accuracy and will 7/10 times get a kill.

Barn Owls have a notable shreee scream, ear-shattering at close range. They also hiss like snakes. When captured or cornered, they throw themselves on their backs and flail with sharp-taloned feet, an effective defense and do not have the common said Whoo–hoo

This is a Pair of Barn Owls calling