Comment on Baboon Mandrill by Paul Levins.

Baboon MandrillI watched a program on the animal channel that really made me mad at how nieve humans are. The segment took place in Africa, a male Baboon had found its way into an African home the dwelling was a hut of shorts not very protective of the human inhabitants. The male baboon had found a human baby girl and was standing over her. The mother of the child was doing some chores outside of the home when she noticed the Baboon, while I was wathcing this I became angry that their was no weopon close by for the mother to use against this best, the mother just stood there and cried, and shrieked for her poor helpless child I wish That I had been there to save the childs life, the beast killed the child. that is so needless, that is why I hate all of you animal freaks that think an animals life is worth more than a human being, a spear, or a club would have helped, better yet a .22 magnum pistole would have saved the childs life. You animal freaks rot in hell.