Australian Green Tree Frog is a Amphibian it Reaches 10 centimeters and has a life span of Sixteen years (16) they are usually found next water aswell as near humans.

They Eat all insects such as moths due to its attraction to light, The Australian Green Tree Frog can be found lurking upon the ceilings of homes and walls of Restaurants, people in australia find this as a Exotic pet even due to its large play of bright colors it is harmless.

Did You Know Australian Green Tree Frog?

Australian Green Tree Frogs image

The Green Tree Frog is sometimes confused with the Magnificent Tree Frog,
which inhabits only north-western Australia
and can be distinguished by the presence of large parotoids
and rostral glands on the head

The Australian Green Tree Frog do have predators such as Lizards, Birds, Snakes and the common House Cat.

Even though in the wild a Australian Green Tree Frog can live up to 16 years in Captivity it has been known to live up to 20 years!