Rooster Birth Date:1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005,

The Chinese tradition says that each animal represents a different year


Born a Rooster?
You are practical and resourceful and you use what you have to to succeed without taking alot of risk’s. A hard worker, You say what’s on your mind and have a sence of style thats sets you apart

Rooster Facts
Male Roosters are called a Cock, Female Roosters are called a Hen, young Roosters and Hens are called Cockerel. Male’s are very territorial and will attack any Rooster that Clucks on it’s territory, On some occasions the Rooster will kill the intruder that steps on his land as an warning to others to Back Off!!!.
Roosters and Hens guard eggs usually the Cock will Guard the Hen while she’s sat on a clutch of eggs the male will attack any male that comes in close proximity of the Hen or their eggs.

Did You Know
The both Genders can sit on a clutch of eggs and they usually take it in turns.
The Cock’s and the Hens can sleep upright when they sit on the eggs it is called “roosting”.